ELECTRICAL ALKALIZER ALKALINE WATER IONIZER AP-1 Alkalizer MachineAP-1 household activator of water (electroactivator) is a light, not complicated, compact device that allows everyone at home to get about 1.2 liters of activated ("live" and "dead") water in just a few minutes. To do this, it is enough to fill the vessel with water, plug the plug into a 220V outlet and after 20-30 minutes. drain the already activated water into different vessels. The device is electrically safe.  Specifications: weight not more than - 2.0 kg * catholyte 0.9 l ("live" water) * anolyte 0.3 l ("dead" water) Volume of activated water 1.2 l Power supply 220/50 V / Hz The current electrolysis 0.2-0.7A The activation time is no more than 40 minutes. PROPERTIES OF ACTIVATED WATER  "DEAD" WATER (anolyte, acidic water, bactericide) is a colorless liquid with an odor of acid, acidic, astringent. Its pH is 2.5-3.5. Retains its properties 1-2 weeks when stored in closed vessels. "Dead" water - an excellent bactericide, disinfector. She can rinse the nose, mouth, throat with colds, during epidemics of influenza, after visiting infectious patients, clinics, crowded places; sanitize bandages, clothes, various containers, furniture, even rooms and soil; remove blood pressure; calm nerves; improve sleep; reduce pain in the joints of the arms and legs; destroy the fungus; cure rhinitis very quickly and so on. It is useful to rinse your mouth after eating - the gums will not bleed, stones will gradually dissolve.    "LIVING" WATER (catholyte, alkaline water, biostimulant) is a very soft, colorless liquid with an alkaline taste, pH = 8.5-10.5. After the reaction, precipitations fall in it - all impurities of water, incl. and radionuclides and water is purified. Saves its properties for a week, when stored in a closed vessel. "Living" water - an excellent stimulant, restores the body's immune system, provides the body with antioxidant protection, especially when combined with the use of vitamins, a source of energy. Not in vain she was called "living" water. It activates the body's bioprocesses; increases blood pressure; improves appetite; metabolism; the passage of food; quickly heals various wounds, including stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns; softens the skin, gradually smoothes wrinkles, destroys dandruff, makes hair silky, etc. Electroactivated water is used for domestic and household purposes in preparation for planting seeds, stimulating plant growth, reviving fading flowers, green vegetables, germinating grains for eating birds, sprouting barley for malt, controlling small plant pests, stimulate the growth of poultry, prepare syrup for bees, increase the shelf life of perishable vegetables. Producer: "Akvapribor" BelarusPlease view my other products and items for sale . FAST&FREE shipping with tracking number. Add a map to your own listings. FREE Trial!

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