We are proud to welcome you to The Green Grove Garden. We have been active Plant Nursery owners and plant propagators for a number of years, and we specialized in the production of plant plugs, or basically miniature seedlings, for our on farm use. As such, we learned a great deal about seedling production and also the proper storage, handling and identification of quality seeds through intensive hands on experience. Consequently, we're excited to be able to offer you the finest and freshest seeds available. Here is another of our favorite offerings: LOOFAH 40 SEEDS LUFFA CYLINDRICA SPONGE GOURD CLIMB VEGETABLE SCREENING LOOFAThe Vegetable Sponge is one of the most unusual plants for the garden and a definite conversation starter. The Vegetable Sponge or Luffa, when young, is a very tasty edible. However, as it matures, it takes on its fibrous texture lending itself for use as a scrubber.The young Luffa or Loofah can be used in soups and stir fries. The Vegetable Sponge, when dried, can be used as a natural substitute for ocean harvested sponges. In Paraguay, the Luffa has been used for things as unusual as furniture and home building!The Loofah is sometimes called "dishcloth gourds".The Arabic word for the plant is Luff, hence the name.The Loofah Gourd is often times used in Spas for natural exfoliation.The young fruits, less than 7 inches long, can be used as a replacement for Cucumbers or Squash.The Loofah is a very vigorous climbing plant and will create a screen with the proper support. Culture Notes:  Sunlight -Full Days to Germination-10 days but use 48 hour soak in Distilled water to improve germination percentage. Planting Depth-1/8" Life Cycle-Annual Sowing-Indoors or Outdoors in warm climates Days to Maturity-150   Customer Service: If you have any issues with your order, like damaged or wrong items etc...just send us a note and we'll promptly resolve the issue for you.  Please contact us before opening a case or leaving  neutral and negative feedback.  We'll do everything we can to provide the best customer service possible because, after all, your success is our success.   Fast, Free Shipping to The U.S.: We also offer numerous other complementary herbs, vegetables and flowers for the garden.  Also, Check out our other items! for other varieties of unusual vegetables and flowers.  We periodically run various specials so please look to see if we have any volume discounts available. In an effort to keep costs low, and pass the savings onto you, we do not offer specific planting directions.   If you cannot locate planting instructions for your specific conditions, you can contact else and we'll do our best to instruct you on the proper methods.  Your seeds are packaged in a small poly bag.  Again, please check our other offerings and specials.  Thank-you for your support!     

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